Anonymous said: Is there a tutorial on YouTube on how to drive? hahaha. Glad we're not alone

exactly! lol the closet I’ve gotten to attempting to learn was downloading an app but I’ve used it like once. so I’m pretty sure I’m ok to drive now ;p lol

Anonymous said: Omg same!! I mean I want it but don't wanna read and practice lol. Ya feel

hahaha same! like can I just download a torrent or something? xx

Anonymous said: You don't have your license?? ( I assume bc you reblogged that post) I thought i was the only one that STILL hasn't gotten theirs. Lol

Lol nah I haven’t gotten mine yet lol! You are not alone love. I want to but I’m too lazy to read that stupid little book lol! :p xx

Anonymous said: have you noticed this year (even before they announced the 'break') how many pictures Siva Tom & Jay are next to each other. While Max & Nathan are literally on the other side of the room.

Hmm… I don’t know? Maybe Nath & Max are really together and all their gfs are just a cover?! Lol kidding :3 xx


shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license


Kumar and Siva in Rock Rivals (2008); requested by anonymous

I: “How old are you?”

N: “I’m about nine months old