jaysbutterbeer said: omfg can i pick jay i love you

lol am I right or am I right? love i love you too :3 xx

live-laugh-love-longlife said: Choose between two ships: JIVA or JAYTHAN? Either way there's Jay :)

JIVVVAAAAAA!! I love Siva and Jay so fucking much lol :p xx

taylor-thehawk said: Pick between Two anything(Two members of the Wanted) Nathan or Max??????

ummmm Max maybe? idk can I pick Jay? :p lol xx



  • two bands
  • two actors
  • two actresses
  • two singers
  • two movies
  • two books
  • two characters
  • two ships
  • two shows
  • two anything

Make me choose, and I’ll make a gifset with explaining what I like better ;)

Anonymous said: wait! you have VIP to see THE WANTED?!

yah I do :) xx

everyone must follow JESS, ZHEN, VALENTINA & GABBY. thank you all :3 y’all are all amazing!! :) xx

frenchlovetw said: Wait what goal ? What do I need to do ? :D

my next hundred lol :) umm idk anything haha :D xx